AW15 Collection

AW15 Collection

Flowers, snowscapes, Helsinki views and a touch of whimsy all make their way to the international stage with Vallila's new AW15 collection "Huipulla" (Summit). The new collection shows the view spreading from the top: a world that is full of opportunities to climb to the top, but also the reality of having to bear responsibility, once on the top. From the top, you can see the whole spectrum of life: its beauty, sensitivity, strength and vulnerability, the lights and shadows.

The new collection also travels from one top to another: from the roof tops in the city to the mountain tops, to the Nordic countries on the top of the world map. The collection has been created by Vallila’s top team of designers, tuned to top creativity day after day: the collection was designed by Vallila’s in-house designers Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen, Riina Kuikka and Saara Kurkela. In addition, the collection includes prints by the sculptor Zoltan Popovits.


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