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The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics

07/11/2016 Comments:
The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics

The Christmas atmosphere is being created at Vallila with beautiful fabrics which take their place as the most important decorations of Christmas. A simple, beautiful and unhurried Christmas atmosphere is created by the most important traditions, important people, the warm light of candles, delicious flavours and effortless decorating. Furnish your home for Christmas with Vallila’s beautiful fabrics: for example, with the glowingly lush Ruusunen, the sweet Piparikylä or the red-grey Porvoo design. Stylish and warm furnishings are the most beautiful Christmas decoration!



The 2016 Christmas of Vallila includes many fantastic designs: Juolukka in a glowing red shade, Metsäjänis adorable on a red background, the striped design Pallas in red and grey, the sweetest design of Christmas Piparikylä in red, the beautiful and poetic flower design Poem, the Porvoo design that captures the atmosphere of the picturesque Christmas village of Porvoo in the appearance of a frosty day in red and grey, and Varvikko in a red, white or blue-grey shade.





Of the most popular designs seen before, new colourations are coming for Christmas of the impressive lacy Aleksanteri design in red, last Christmas’s favourite designs Bergen and Olkipukki, respectively in red and beige, the Muonio design in translucent white, and the beautiful vine design Ruusunen with red flowers on both a grey and fresh white background.




In the Ruusunen kitchen fabrics, the rose-themed design created by Saara Kurkela is repeated. The pattern is detailed and rambling, and its colouring is luscious and atmospheric. The Ruusunen design is excellently suited for the splash of colour in the kitchen. Vallila’s Christmas collection is part of Vallila’s AW16 Vaistot interior decoration collection, which was designed by the pattern designers of Vallila, Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen, Saara Kurkela and Riina Kuikka.




There are several designs suited to be Christmas designs in the collection, because there are many pale, grey and red shades and wintry subjects in the collection. In the designs, there are subjects drawn from the Finnish Christmas and its traditions, and also nature. Red, white and grey shine out in the colours, spiced with black, blue and beige.


Many different products are made with the designs for the collection. The selection includes cloth by the metre, ready-made curtains, valances, oilcloth, kitchen products, decorative cushion covers, cloth bags and duvet covers. In the Christmas store of Vallila, you can find Christmas atmosphere for the home and ingenious gift ideas for Santa’s sack. You can find Vallila’s Christmas store at vallilastore.com/xmas-store


Item loans for the photographs: Stockmann ja Granit 

Jussi Hellsten’s special collection: strong timeless light and fantastic, impressive Helsinki designs

03/10/2016 Comments:
Jussi Hellsten’s special collection: strong timeless light and fantastic, impressive Helsinki designs

I wasn’t born in Helsinki. My road has led me from the national landscapes of Kallavesi to a small desert town in the state of Queensland, Australia and the fantastic sandy beaches of Sydney, and then from there to the red-brick factory environment in Tampere. I’ve adventured around the world, packed my rucksack and gone to Berlin, Shanghai, Reykjavik and Stockholm, for a month, two months or half a year. And six years ago, I headed for Helsinki with a bigger bag.

Jussi Hellsten’s Helsinki-themed patterns show me a Helsinki that has become familiar, and in parts very dear to me. A city wrapped up in dreams and beautiful, timeless light.


There is a special collection in the Vallila autumn collection, Vaistot, which was designed on the basis of the Helsinki365 photo series by the photographer Jussi Hellsten. The designs capture the beloved and beautiful Helsinki: for example, Aleksanterinkatu, filtered through a strong misty light in the Aleksi design and the peaceful Kumpula, close to nature, in brilliant autumnal colours.



The special collection includes a total of five Helsinki-themed designs. The Kulosaari and Kantakaupunki designs make the viewer think about how the skilful bird’s eye-perspective pictures have been taken: from a plane, from a hot air balloon, with a remote-controlled camera helicopter…or perhaps a bird was roped in to do GoPro jobs! Well no, the correct answer was B, i.e. a hot air balloon!


The Pohjoisranta design captures Pohjoisranta in Helsinki in a wintry guise. Families and friends have gathered on the ice of the sea to skate and spend time together in the crisp and clear frosty weather. The masts of great sailing boats reach up towards the light-blue sky. The design also records the old, beautiful pale blue and pale yellow buildings right near the seashore.


The designs bring a piece of Helsinki to interior decoration in a stylish, and even moving, way. The designs capture the picturesqueness of Helsinki and act as strong interior decoration elements. Products made with the Helsinki designs are excellently suited to your own home as an impressive Helsinki effect or, for example, as a present for a friend who lives far away or a relative who loves Helsinki. For longing or love for Helsinki, this is a unique choice! 

Be inspired and impressed by Helsinki!

Best regards,
Katri from the marketing of Vallila

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