Promenadi shower curtain


The Promenadi shower curtain features a graphic and powerful pattern designed by Riina Kuikka. The pattern depicts a landscape in a park in Istanbul. The designer visited this park in late winter, when there were no leaves on the trees yet. The rugged black tree trunks are like sculptures, highlighted against the light of the spring sun. Even though the landscape originates from a more southern side of Europe, the Promenadi shower curtain with its monochrome coloring will look beautiful in a Scandinavian-style home.

Vallila shower curtains are both stylish and functional. Made of high quality water-repellent material (no liner needed), the curtains are durable and long-lasting. The fabric itself is cloth-like and soft to the touch. Hooks (standard size) are included.

  • Collection: SS15: Barricades of Joy
  • Designer: Riina Kuikka
  • Size: 180x200
  • Material: PE -Polyester 100%
  • Code: CT000701
  • EAN Code: