SS16 Collection

SS16 Collection

Taking inspiration from the streets of New York, as well as from natural Scandinavian life, Vallila’s new collection Etäisyydet “Distances” artfully encapsulates the excitement of a new season in an exquisite range of fabrics, rugs and home décor products. 

The collection, by Helsinki-based design house Vallila, evokes all the freshness and atmosphere of spring and summer with an intense injection of colours and textures. Created by Vallila in-house designers Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen, Riina Kuikka and Saara Kurkela, the prints showcase urban as well as pastoral landscapes and create contrasts between the past and the present.  

Vallila is also delighted to announce that its spring/summer 2016 collection will include a number of prints created decades ago by beloved Finnish textile artist Marjatta Metsovaara. Explore the Metsovaara collection here. 


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