Suvannontie cup 3,5 DL Muru model


The Suvannontie cup features an urban pattern designed by Tanja Orsjoki. Suvannontie is located in Helsinki’s Vallila district, in the so-called Puu-Vallila. The Puu-Vallila area consists of old, early 20th century timber buildings. These houses have been painted in different colors, and they are not completely identical, thus forming a fun, pleasant and picturesque area inside the Vallila district. The atmosphere of Puu-Vallila is very distinct, and it is easily possible to imagine what life was like there a hundred years ago when moving around in the area. The Suvannontie cup captures the atmosphere of Puu-Vallila, and brings the same atmosphere to the interior of your home. 

Vallila’s ceramic Muru cup has a softly curved shape with a nice and round handle. The cup holds approximately 3,5 dl and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Muru cups are also stackable.

Cups are sold in sets of 2. The price shown in product listings is for one cup and the price shown on product pages is for two cups. The final price is presented in your shopping cart.

  • Collection: SS15: Barricades of Joy
  • Designer: Tanja Orsjoki
  • Size: 9.5x8.5
  • Code: CT000908
  • EAN Code: