Terms and Conditions of Vallila Online Store

1. General

Welcome to the VALLILA online store!

These contractual terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Terms") of the online store (hereinafter the "Online Store") of Vallila Collection shall apply to the purchase of products via the website at www.vallila.se, www.vallila.co.uk and www.vallilastore.com between Oy Vallila Collection Ab (hereinafter "Vallila") and the customer (hereinafter the "Customer").

In addition to these Terms, the Terms of Use of Vallila's online service shall apply to the Online Store.


2. Service provider, transaction language and customer support

Oy Vallila Collection Ab
Nilsiänkatu 15
00510 Helsinki
Tel.: +358 20 776 7700
Fax: +358 20 776 7702
Email: onlinestore@vallilainterior.fi

Online store transactions and customer service are conducted in Finnish and English.


3. Transactions and registration in the Online Store

The Online Store may be used by all persons who are at least 18 years of age and have a functioning email address and who order products to delivery addresses located in Sweden, United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

Customers must provide correct information about themselves when doing business in the Online Store and registering as a customer of the Online Store. Customers are responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide and are obligated to inform Vallila of changes in the information without delay.

Customers may purchase products from the Online Store without registration. If a Customer orders products without registering as a customer, the Customer must provide all mandatory information in connection with each order.

Customers may, if they so wish, register as a customer of the Online Store and this way speed up the order process in the Online Store. Registration is free of charge. When registering, the Customer chooses an user ID and a password. Customers are responsible for ensuring that their passwords are kept safe and secret and shall be liable for any transactions made with their user ID. If Customers notice or suspect that their ID has become public or that their ID is being used in an unauthorised manner, they must immediately notify Vallila. Vallila shall have the right to suspend or close the Customer's account.


4. Ordering of products

Products are ordered by selecting the product and number of items from the Online Store's collection. The products selected by the Customer are added to their shopping cart, where the number of items can be amended and products removed before the order is confirmed and paid for. The Online Store's technical systems automatically check the availability of items selected to the shopping cart every time the Customer visits the shopping cart page. The availability of a product in the shopping cart may change before the payment transaction.

The order becomes binding on the Customer after the Customer submits their order (see, however, section "Right of Cancellation"). The Customer shall be requested to check the contents of their order carefully before confirming it. The Customer shall acknowledge and accept that the order entails a payment obligation.

Vallila shall send the Customer a confirmation of contract to the email address notified by the Customer and, if the Customer has registered as an Online Store user, to the mailbox of the Customer's customer account. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the confirmation of contract corresponds to the order made by the Customer.

Vallila is entitled to decline an order. The order shall be binding on Vallila when Vallila has delivered the contract confirmation (see more closely section “Confirmation of contract”) to the Customer.


5. Prices

The prices of the products shall remain in force until further notice or for the duration mentioned separately. The prices charged for the products shall be those applicable when the order was made.

The prices of the products include value-added tax. Delivery and processing costs are not included in the prices and they will be separately indicated in connection with the Customer’s order and in the order confirmation sent to the Customer. Delivery costs shall be determined in accordance with, e.g., weight, volume or size.


6. Means of payment

Following methods of payment are available in the Online Store:

Sweden www.vallila.se

Klarna Check Out:
− Invoice and instalments
− Online banking payment
− Credit cards


Vallila's Online Store invoice payments use the Klarna payment system. In Klarna invoicing, the order is always delivered before payment. The Klarna invoice is an easy, secure and practical method of payment. The payment recipient of Klarna invoicing is Klarna.

Payment by instalment

Klarna enables invoices to be paid in instalments over a period of 3 to 36 months (minimum monthly instalments apply). In the same way as with the invoice payment method, you receive the products before you pay for them.

For further information on payment by invoice and instalment, visit the Klarna website

Klarna also supports debit and credit card, and online banking payment transfer services. An SSL encrypted connection is used in payment transactions, which means that the payment process and the Customer's data is protected in a manner generally deemed secure in the field of information security.

Payment is made at the end of the order process. When the payment is accepted, the Customer's order proceeds from the Online Store to the processing and delivery stage.

Online banking payment

Purchases can be paid immediately through the Customer's online bank. Online payments can be made to all major banks in Sweden. The payment recipient is Klarna.


Credit cards

The Online Store also accepts payment by credit card. When the credit card option is selected as the method of payment, the Customer is directed to the secure credit card payment service. The payment recipient is Klarna.


United Kingdom www.vallila.co.uk

Klarna Check Out:
− Credit cards
− Invoice

Credit cards

The Online Store also accepts payment by credit card. When the credit card option is selected as the method of payment, the Customer is directed to the secure credit card payment service. The payment recipient is Klarna.


Vallila's Online Store invoice payments use the Klarna payment system. In Klarna invoicing, the order is always delivered before payment. The Klarna invoice is an easy, secure and practical method of payment. The payment recipient of Klarna invoicing is Klarna.

European Union (excluding Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom)

-Credit Card Payments by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Business Eurocard

Card payments in the European Union are provided by Maksuturva Group Ltd in cooperation with Solinor Oy and Bambora AB. Maksuturva Group Ltd submits card payment transactions to Bambora AB, which has acquiring-agreements with the international card companies (Mastercard and Visa). Card numbers are not recorded in Maksuturva Group Ltd’s systems; the card data is processed by the technical service provider Solinor Oy. Solinor Oy has the highest “PCI DSS Level 1” security certification as per the PCI DSS –security standard developed by the international card companies. For its own activities, Maksuturva Group Ltd is certified to the PCI DSS –standard.

You as a consumer are not required to register or pay extra costs for using the payment service. Maksuturva Group Ltd (Company registration number 2121703-0) is an authorized payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). All data transfer and money transactions are SSL secured meaning that no external party can see your personal information. Maksuturva Group Oy will show as the recipient of the payment.


7. Product availability

Vallila strives to provide up-to-date, correct information on the products available in the Online Store but cannot, however, guarantee the availability or sufficiency of the products available for sale. Only a limited amount of certain products may be manufactured or the products may otherwise become temporarily unavailable.

If, after receiving the order, it transpires that the ordered product has become temporarily or permanently unavailable, despite the balance amount notified to the Customer by the system, Vallila shall notify the Customer without delay using the contact information provided by the Customer.

If the ordered product is no longer available or the product can only be obtained after over one month has elapsed from the date of the order, Vallila undertakes to compensate the Customer in full for the price already paid for the ordered product, and the order shall be considered cancelled in respect of the said product. In such a case, Vallila’s customer service shall contact the Customer, and the Customer may choose not to have their order cancelled by accepting a longer delivery time or by having the ordered product replaced with another product.


8. Confirmation of contract

When Vallila has checked and accepted the order, Vallila shall send a confirmation of the contract to the email address notified by the Customer and, if the Customer has registered as an Online Store customer, to the mailbox of the Customer's Online Store customer account. The confirmation shall contain the maininformation on the order, a link to the cancellation form to be completed online or printed out from the Online Store, as well as cancellation instructions.


9. Delivery

Vallila.se delivers products to pick-up points located in Sweden. Shipments over 20 kg are delivered directly to the Customer's given address. Vallila.co.uk delivers products to home addresses in the United Kingdom. Vallilastore.com delivers products to home addresses in the European Union (excluding Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom).

The ordered products shall be delivered by GLS.

If the order contains products with varying delivery times, Vallila shall be entitled to deliver the products to the Customer separately. In this case, the Customer shall only be charged for a single delivery.

Product delivery times depend on the availability of the product and the destination of the delivery. Vallila strives to deliver products as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after concluding the contract.

Failure to collect the product from the place of delivery when the Customer has not specifically submitted a notice of cancellation shall be deemed as a cancellation of the product order.

If the Customer fails to collect the delivered product from the place of delivery within the time limit, resulting in the product returning to Vallila, and does not specifically notify Vallila of cancellation within 14 days of receiving a delivery notice, the Customer shall be deemed to have cancelled the product order. In this case, Vallila shall be entitled to charge the Customer a processing fee in the amount of EUR 10. Vallila shall be entitled to set off the aforementioned costs against payments from the Customer to be credited to the Customer before returning said payments to the Customer.


10. Delay in delivery

Should the delivery of products be delayed from the estimated date, Vallila shall strive to notify the Customer of such delay using the Customer's contact information and shall provide a new estimated delivery date for the product.

The Customer is entitled to invoke their rights pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act with respect to delay in product delivery. Vallila shall not be held liable for delays or failures in delivery that arise from the Customer (e.g. the Customer providing erroneous contact information, neglecting to inform Vallila of changes to their contact information, being absent on the agreed-delivery date and remaining out of contact).


11. Inspection, customer complaints and liability for defects

The Customer must inspect the delivery immediately after having received it to ensure that products delivered are intact and are not otherwise defective. The Customer shall also ensure that the delivery contains all the products ordered by the Customer.

Should the Customer notice any deficiencies in the delivery or product, the Customer must notify Vallila's customer service thereof without delay and at the latest within fourteen (14) days (tel. +358 20 776 7700, email: onlinestore@vallilainterior.fi).

If a deficiency is confirmed in the delivery or product, Vallila shall be entitled in the first instance to rectify said deficiency within a reasonable period of time or replace the product with a defect-free item. Vallila shall be liable for any defect in the product in accordance with the consumer protection legislation in force.


12. Right of cancellation

The Customer shall be entitled to return a product purchased from the Online Store without any reason within fourteen (14) days of receiving the said product by specifically notifying Vallila thereof, for example, by completing an online cancellation form in the Online Store or by sending the notice of cancellation to onlinestore@vallilainteiror.fi.

The Customer must submit a notice of cancellation at the latest within the aforementioned 14 days of receiving the product. The online cancellation form can be found on Vallila's website. If the Customer has not electronically sent the notice of cancellation via the Online Store, the Customer may print out a cancellation form from the site and enclose the completed form in the package to be returned. The address to which products may be returned is Vanha Tuusulantie 198, 04360 Tuusula, Finland.

The Customer must return a cancelled product to Vallila without delay and at the latest within fourteen (14) days of sending the notice of cancellation in the product's original package. The Customer shall be liable for the immediate costs of returning the product. The costs are approximately at most EUR 15.

Vallila shall compensate the Customer for the price of the returned goods in addition to remunerating the Customer for the delivery costs of the cancelled products (excluding additional costs arising from the Customer choosing a means of delivery deviating from Vallila's cheaper standard method of delivery) using the method of payment through which the Customer paid for the product if the Customer expressly refuses to accept payment of the return by other means.

Vallila shall refund the payments it has received without delay, however, at the latest within fourteen (14) days of receiving the Customer's notice of cancellation. Vallila shall be entitled to withhold reimbursement of payments until they have received the product back or until the Customer has provided proof that they have returned the product. The Customer shall not incur costs from the reimbursement of payments.

If the Customer cancels the product, the price the Customer paid for the product will be credited to the Customer, even if the price of the product has changed at a later date.

When the Customer has received the product, they must keep it in an essentially unchanged and unreduced condition until they have decided to keep the said product. If the returned product has been used contrary to the duty of care as provided in law, Vallila shall be entitled to charge an amount corresponding to the decrease in value up to the full price of the product.


13. Force majeure

Vallila shall not be liable for any defects in its products, delays in deliveries or other breaches of agreement that are attributable to causes beyond Vallila's reasonable control (force majeure). Even in situations such as these Vallila shall, however, continue to strive to provide the best possible service to the Customer.


14. Processing of personal data and cookies

Vallila shall process personal data in the manner permitted and required by the applicable legislation on personal data. Additional information on the treatment of personal data is available in the description of file of Vallila's register based on customer relationship and other relevant connection.

Furthermore, information related to the use of cookies in the Online Store can be found in more detail in the Terms of Use of Vallila's online service.


15. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

Finnish law shall be applied to these Terms, without regard to conflict of laws provisions.

In the event of a disagreement concerning this Agreement or its application thereof, the Parties shall strive to resolve the dispute primarily through negotiations. In the event that the Parties cannot reach an agreement, the dispute shall be resolved by the Helsinki District Court in Finland. A customer who is a consumer is also entitled to take the dispute to the district court of their domicile or to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution.