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Bed Linen

Bed Linen

Beautiful yet simple bedding are perfect for a bedroom refresh! Delightful Vallila patterns make crisp bed linen all the more luxurious.

Vallila bed linens are made of soft 100% cotton. The single set comes with one standard pillowcase, while the double sets come with two standard pillowcases. The size of a pillow case is 55 x 65 cm.

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    Found 7 Products

    Kankuri Bedset

    49.90 €

    Glamour Bedset

    49.90 €

    Vanilja Bedset

    49.90 €

    Mexico Bedset

    49.90 €

    Hiutale Bedset

    90.90 €

    Jazz Bedset

    50.90 €

    Hehku Bedset 200x200 cm

    59.80 €

    Found 7 Products

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