11 results
11 results
Kantikas Cushion 60x80 cmKantikas Cushion 60x80 cm

Kantikas Cushion 60x80 cm

14.36 € 35.90 €
Kantikas Cushion 40x60 cmKantikas Cushion 40x60 cm

Kantikas Cushion 40x60 cm

10.36 € 25.90 €
Krumeluuri Fancy Curtain 140x250 cm
Napolinlahti Valance 60x250 cmNapolinlahti Valance 60x250 cm

Napolinlahti Valance 60x250 cm

15.56 € 38.90 €
Petal Coated FabricPetal Coated Fabric

Petal Coated Fabric

1.04 € 2.59 € / 0.1m

Get into the holiday spirit with Vallila. Welcome to Vallila's Christmas Store! 

Christmas at Vallila is bursting with warmth and coziness. Vallila’s Christmas designs are traditionally Scandinavian but infused with that Vallila twist and come in holiday-themed colours! Our Christmas store offers great gift ideas and holiday inspiration. 

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