15 results
15 results
5331-1 Kelohonka wallpaper5331-1 Kelohonka wallpaper
5327-1 Melissa wallpaper latte5327-1 Melissa wallpaper latte
5329-1 Oksat wallpaper black5329-1 Oksat wallpaper black
5334-1 Alma wallpaper plum5334-1 Alma wallpaper plum
5334-2 Alma wallpaper clay5334-2 Alma wallpaper clay
5330-1 Trollskogen wallpaper5330-1 Trollskogen wallpaper
5327-2 Melissa wallpaper grey5327-2 Melissa wallpaper grey
5326-2 Panimo wallpaper brick5326-2 Panimo wallpaper brick
5332-1 Kuru wallpaper frost5332-1 Kuru wallpaper frost
5333-1 Ohra wallpaper clay5333-1 Ohra wallpaper clay
5326-1 Panimo wallpaper stone5326-1 Panimo wallpaper stone
5329-2 Oksat wallpaper green5329-2 Oksat wallpaper green
5335-1 Syvämeri wallpaper5335-1 Syvämeri wallpaper
5335-2 Syvämeri wallpaper5335-2 Syvämeri wallpaper
5328-1 Bergen wallpaper5328-1 Bergen wallpaper

Vallila's Classics wallpaper collection embodies Finnish design tradition at its strongest. This range is a carefully chosen collection of timeless classic wallpapers, which were designed at our Design Studio in the heart of Vallila, Helsinki and manufactured in Finland. 

The Classics Collection includes 15 designs, that can be used for full coverage or as statement walls in spaces of all sizes. Classics wallpaper collection was designed by Vallila designers Tanja Orsjoki, Riina Kuikka and Matleena Issakainen and the wallpapers were manufactured in Finland.

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