14 results
14 results
5359-1 Karhunkierros wallpaper5359-1 Karhunkierros wallpaper
5359-2 Karhunkierros wallpaper5359-2 Karhunkierros wallpaper
5361-1 Luontopolku wallpaper5361-1 Luontopolku wallpaper
5362-1 Melissa wallpaper blue5362-1 Melissa wallpaper blue
5363-1 Peipponen wallpaper5363-1 Peipponen wallpaper
5364-1 Aleksanteri wallpaper5364-1 Aleksanteri wallpaper
5366-1 Alma wallpaper5366-1 Alma wallpaper
5363-2 Peipponen wallpaper5363-2 Peipponen wallpaper
5364-2 Aleksanteri wallpaper5364-2 Aleksanteri wallpaper
5367-1 Aurajoki wallpaper rosa5367-1 Aurajoki wallpaper rosa
5358-1 Ohra wallpaper blue5358-1 Ohra wallpaper blue
5358-2 Ohra wallpaper sand5358-2 Ohra wallpaper sand
5360-1 Kelohonka wallpaper5360-1 Kelohonka wallpaper
5366-2 Alma wallpaper heather5366-2 Alma wallpaper heather

New in! Vallila's Classic wallpaper vol. 2 range is a carefully chosen collection of timeless classic wallpapers, which were designed at our Design Studio.

The Classic wallpaper range provides homes and different spaces with skillfully designed creations. Finnish nature plays a central role in the range. It is an important part of our mindset and the deepest inspiration for Vallila's design philosophy. The Classic vol. 2 range includes 16 completely new or recolored designs. The patterns are based on Vallila's wallpaper ranges from 2013 to 2019. The timelessly elegant color palette of the Klassikot range helps create calming and tranquil moods. The wallpaper range was created by Vallila designers Tanja Orsjoki, Riina Kuikka and Matleena Issakainen. The designs can be used for full coverage or statement walls in spaces of all sizes.

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