40 results
40 results
Pimari Black Out Curtain 140x250 cm
Pimari Black Out Curtain 140x250 cm
Formula Valance 60x250 cmFormula Valance 60x250 cm
Lumme Curtain 140x240 cmLumme Curtain 140x240 cm
Lehmusto Valance 60x250 cmLehmusto Valance 60x250 cm
Lehmusto Curtain 140x250 cmLehmusto Curtain 140x250 cm
Lehmusto Classic Curtain 140x250 cmLehmusto Classic Curtain 140x250 cm
Kurjenmiekka curtain 140x250 cKurjenmiekka curtain 140x250 c

Kurjenmiekka curtain 140x250 c

From 70.90 €
+2 Colors
Flower Curtain 140x250 cmFlower Curtain 140x250 cm
Rosa Curtain 140x240 cmRosa Curtain 140x240 cm
Lehtisade Black Out Curtain 140x240 cm
Lehtisade Valance 60x250 cmLehtisade Valance 60x250 cm

Lehtisade Valance 60x250 cm

From 39.90 €
+2 Colors
Lehtisade Curtain 140x240 cmLehtisade Curtain 140x240 cm

Lehtisade Curtain 140x240 cm

From 70.90 €
+2 Colors
Kelohonka Light Curtain 140x250 cmKelohonka Light Curtain 140x250 cm
Jugend Classic curtain 140x250 cm
Vallila Script Curtain 140x250 cmVallila Script Curtain 140x250 cm
Paroni Curtain 140x250 cmParoni Curtain 140x250 cm

Paroni Curtain 140x250 cm

48 € 120 €
+3 Colors
Elle Kukka Light ValanceElle Kukka Light Valance

Elle Kukka Light Valance

13 € 38.90 €
Royal curtain 140x250 cmRoyal curtain 140x250 cm

Royal curtain 140x250 cm

From 65.90 €
+9 Colors
Formula Valance 60x250 cmFormula Valance 60x250 cm

Formula Valance 60x250 cm

From 45.90 €
+8 Colors
Formula Curtain 140x270 cmFormula Curtain 140x270 cm

Formula Curtain 140x270 cm

From 63.90 €
+11 Colors

Decorate your home with new curtains! Seasons ready made curtains come in different Vallila prints and beautiful colours.


Vallila’s ready-made curtains are available in a number of different materials: from extremely sheer fabrics, which let light shine beautifully through, and basic cotton fabrics, to thick blackout fabrics. Curtains are finished by hemming and feature rod pockets for curtain rods, places for curtain hooks and a draw-cord for pleating. Curtains come with an ironing tape that makes hemming easy without the need to stitch. Vallila’s ready-made curtains are 140 cm wide and, depending on the size of the design, have a length of either 240 or 250 cm. 

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