12 results
12 results
Flower Tray 43x22 cmFlower Tray 43x22 cm
Flower Candle 8,0 cm
Flower Candle 12,0 cm
Wolf Candle 12,0 cmWolf Candle 12,0 cm
Tavastia Backstage Candle 8,0 cm
Tavastia Backstage Candle 12,0 cm
Tavastia Backstage Tray 13x27 cm
Tavastia Backstage Tray 42x22 cm
Olkipukki Tray 43x22 cmOlkipukki Tray 43x22 cm

Olkipukki Tray 43x22 cm

11.96 € 29.90 €
4Ever Tray 43x22 cm4Ever Tray 43x22 cm

4Ever Tray 43x22 cm

12.76 € 31.90 €
4Ever Candle 12 cm4Ever Candle 12 cm

4Ever Candle 12 cm

9.60 € 24 €
Mimosa Candle 8 cmMimosa Candle 8 cm

Vallila's candles and trays help you to put the finishing touches in any room. 

Our gorgeous candles and wooden trays are the perfect finishing touch for your interior. They are also a great gift idea, perfect for anyone that enjoys beautiful Nordic design.

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