13 results
13 results
5244-2 Metsovaara Valmu wallpaper5244-2 Metsovaara Valmu wallpaper
5244-1 Metsovaara Valmu wallpaper5244-1 Metsovaara Valmu wallpaper
5243-3 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper5243-3 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper
5243-2 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper5243-2 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper
5241-2 Linnunrata wallpaper5241-2 Linnunrata wallpaper
5243-1 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper5243-1 Metsovaara Elle wallpaper
5240-1 Riikinkukko wallpaper5240-1 Riikinkukko wallpaper
5239-1 Aleksi wallpaper5239-1 Aleksi wallpaper
5238-1 Credo wallpaper white5238-1 Credo wallpaper white
5236-1 Aleksanteri wallpaper5236-1 Aleksanteri wallpaper
5236-2 Aleksanteri wallpaper5236-2 Aleksanteri wallpaper
5237-2 Aurajoki wallpaper5237-2 Aurajoki wallpaper
5235-1 Mulberry wallpaper grey5235-1 Mulberry wallpaper grey

Vallila’s wallpaper collection Hetkessä emphasize nature, mesmerizing floral topics, living in the moment, trusting one’s instincts and urban city milieu.

The eleven designs in Vallila’s wallpaper collection Hetkessä (In the Moment) are inspired by the fabrics of Vallila’s “Instincts” AW16 interior collection. The wallpapers of this collection bring timelessness, trends or a pinch of the unexpected to a room, depending on the pattern you choose. 

Vallila’s designers Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen and Riina Kuikka have found inspiration for the wallpapers from Finland and from around the world and they have observed our relationship with nature and animals. The collection also includes designs by Marjatta Metsovaara that re-entered Vallila’s production and a Helsinki-themed photo fabric by Jussi Helsten. The Credo pattern has been realized in co-operation with the heirs of Eila Hiltunen.

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