29 results
29 results
Lucina placemat 42x32 cmLucina placemat 42x32 cm
Sumeri placemat 42x32 cm
Sumeri kitchen towel 50x70 cm
Sumeri ovenmitt 15x33 cmSumeri ovenmitt 15x33 cm
Sumeri potholder 20x20 cm
Lucina kitchen towel 50x70 cmLucina kitchen towel 50x70 cm
Lucina ovenmitt 15x33 cmLucina ovenmitt 15x33 cm
Lucina potholder 20x20 cmLucina potholder 20x20 cm
Lehmusto Placemat 42x32 cm
Lehmusto Kitchen Towel 50x70 cm
Lehmusto Ovenmitt 16x33 cmLehmusto Ovenmitt 16x33 cm
Lehmusto Potholder 20x20 cmLehmusto Potholder 20x20 cm
Forest Rehti PlateForest Rehti Plate

Forest Rehti Plate

30.90 €
Flower Rehti Bowl 13,0 cm
Flower Rehti Cup 3,0 dlFlower Rehti Cup 3,0 dl
Flower Ovenmitt 16x33 cmFlower Ovenmitt 16x33 cm
Flower Potholder 20x20 cmFlower Potholder 20x20 cm
Forest Cup 3,0 dlForest Cup 3,0 dl

Forest Cup 3,0 dl

20.90 €
Flower Apron 82x84 cm
Midnight Forest Rehti Bowl 13,0 cmMidnight Forest Rehti Bowl 13,0 cm
Midnight Forest Plate Ø 20 cmMidnight Forest Plate Ø 20 cm
Hombret Cup  3,5 dlHombret Cup  3,5 dl

Hombret Cup 3,5 dl

From 18.90 €
+2 Colors
Lemmittyni Dinner Plate Ø 25,7 cmLemmittyni Dinner Plate Ø 25,7 cm
Lemmittyni Plate Ø 20 cmLemmittyni Plate Ø 20 cm
Lemmittyni Cup 3,0 dlLemmittyni Cup 3,0 dl

Vallila's kitchen textiles and beautiful tableware bring Nordic patterns into your kitchen. Give your kitchen a vibrant splash of colour!

Vallila's kitchen textiles were first introduced in the spring collection of 2013. Since then new designs and colours have been added to the kitchen textile line, to reflect the coming seasons. Vallila's kitchen product line includes kitchen textilescoffee cupsbowls and plates and tote bags.

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