6 results
6 results
5276-1 Kuru wallpaper cognac5276-1 Kuru wallpaper cognac
5276-2 Kuru wallpaper5276-2 Kuru wallpaper
5266-1 Harju wallpaper5266-1 Harju wallpaper
5266-2 Harju wallpaper5266-2 Harju wallpaper
5276-3 Kuru wallpaper petrol5276-3 Kuru wallpaper petrol
5271-1 Karhunkierros wallpaper5271-1 Karhunkierros wallpaper

Textiles inspired by the Nordic nature are a fabulous way to decorate any space! Our AW18 Collection offers patterned rugs, curtains and fabrics.

Vallila's Rug Collection complements the Textile Collection and together they create beautiful and practical interiors. 

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