7 results
7 results
Infinite Deer Cushion Cover 43x43 cm
Vallila Script Curtain 140x250 cmVallila Script Curtain 140x250 cm
Regatta FabricRegatta Fabric

Regatta Fabric

9.06 € 22.66 € / 0.91m
Kuusamon Uistin Emali Mug 3,7Kuusamon Uistin Emali Mug 3,7
381641 Jalostaja wallpaper381641 Jalostaja wallpaper
381631 Regatta wallpaper381631 Regatta wallpaper
Jalostaja Coated Fabric

Jalostaja Coated Fabric

1.04 € 2.59 € / 0.1m

"At the dawn of time there was only emptiness, which created a state of extreme     opportunity. Darkness and light were born."

  This collection is part of AW2021 and is the result of our latest designer collaboration, and was created by artist and designer Rasmus Tikkanen. 

Rasmus Tikkanen is a Helsinki based artist and designer. Born in Helsinki 1982, Rasmus spent his childhood living between Finland and Germany. At the Sea and the Alps. Today he works at his atelier in Helsinki.

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