Vanamo Black Out urtain 140x250 cm

SKU: 102726-7

80.90 €
Vallila colour: grey
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Product information

Vanamo was inspired by Lappajärvi, designer Matleena Issakainen’s the home region. The design has the spirit of a fairytale forest with moss and rich in charming lush greenery. The black out curtain effectively blocks the light rays from entering the room. The material of the Black Out curtain is a bit heavier than traditional curtain materials, and falls nicely. The fabric is 100 % polyester.

Black out curtains are finished by hemming. Curtains also feature rod pockets for curtain rods, places for curtain hooks and a draw-cord for pleating. Always check the length of the curtain before shortening it

Please note that the package contains one curtain.


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