41 results
41 results
Sumeri rug 160x230 cmSumeri rug 160x230 cm

Sumeri rug 160x230 cm

From 180 €
+3 Colors
Wolf Rug Ø 100 cm

Wolf Rug Ø 100 cm

40.90 €
Selma rug 140x200 cm
Huurre rug Ø 80 cmHuurre rug Ø 80 cm

Huurre rug Ø 80 cm

14.36 € 35.90 €
Topaasi rug 80x200 cmTopaasi rug 80x200 cm

Topaasi rug 80x200 cm

80.90 €
+6 Colors
Opaali Rug 160x230 cmOpaali Rug 160x230 cm
Infinite deer Rug Ø 160 cmInfinite deer Rug Ø 160 cm
Ametisti Rug 160x230 cmAmetisti Rug 160x230 cm
Ametisti rug 140x200 cmAmetisti rug 140x200 cm
Topaasi rug 140x200cmTopaasi rug 140x200cm

Topaasi rug 140x200cm

From 150 €
+6 Colors
Topaasi rug 160x230 cmTopaasi rug 160x230 cm

Topaasi rug 160x230 cm

From 190 €
+5 Colors
Sydänpuu rug 68x110 cmSydänpuu rug 68x110 cm

Sydänpuu rug 68x110 cm

From 40.90 €
+2 Colors
Sydänpuu rug 160x230 cmSydänpuu rug 160x230 cm

Sydänpuu rug 160x230 cm

From 180 €
+2 Colors
Sydänpuu rug 140x200 cmSydänpuu rug 140x200 cm

Sydänpuu rug 140x200 cm

From 130 €
+2 Colors

Rugs serve many purposes: the right rug can instantly tie an entire room together as well as providing a cozy, comfortable place for your feet to land. Use a large rug to tie together the furniture in your living room, place soft cotton rugs in your bedroom and keep your hallway clean with our dirt stopper rugs.

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