104 results
104 results
Kaislikko Bedset 150x210 cmKaislikko Bedset 150x210 cm
Gaudi Bedset 150x210 cmGaudi Bedset 150x210 cm
Midnight Forest Rug 80x230 cmMidnight Forest Rug 80x230 cm
Midnight Forest Rug Ø 133 cmMidnight Forest Rug Ø 133 cm
Midnight Forest Rug Ø 100 cmMidnight Forest Rug Ø 100 cm
Midnight Forest Bath TowelMidnight Forest Bath Towel
Midnight Forest Hand TowelMidnight Forest Hand Towel
Flower Tray 43x22 cmFlower Tray 43x22 cm
Flower Bedset 150x210 cmFlower Bedset 150x210 cm
Flower Candle 8,0 cm
Flower Candle 12,0 cm
Flower Curtain 140x250 cmFlower Curtain 140x250 cm
Ellen Bedset 150x210 cmEllen Bedset 150x210 cm
Vihtapuu Bedset 150x210 cm
Wolf Candle 12,0 cmWolf Candle 12,0 cm
Wolf Rug 50x80 cm
Wolf Rug Ø 100 cm

Wolf Rug Ø 100 cm

40.90 €
Wolf Rug Ø 133 cm

Wolf Rug Ø 133 cm

80.90 €
Midnight Forest Curtain 140x250 cmMidnight Forest Curtain 140x250 cm
Midnight Forest Bedset 150x210 cmMidnight Forest Bedset 150x210 cm
Wolf Wowen Bath Towel 70x140 cmWolf Wowen Bath Towel 70x140 cm
Wolf Woven Hand Towel 50x70 cmWolf Woven Hand Towel 50x70 cm
Wolf UmbrellaWolf Umbrella

Wolf Umbrella

30 €
Flower UmbrellaFlower Umbrella

Flower Umbrella

30.90 €
Tavastia Backstage Candle 8,0 cm
Tavastia Backstage Candle 12,0 cm
Tavastia Backstage Tray 42x22 cm
Nekku Rug 200x300 cmNekku Rug 200x300 cm
Nekku Rug 160x230 cmNekku Rug 160x230 cm
Nekku Rug 80x200 cm

Nekku Rug 80x200 cm

129.90 €
Nekku Rug Ø 120 cmNekku Rug Ø 120 cm

Nekku Rug Ø 120 cm

109.90 €
Makeba rug 80x200 cmMakeba rug 80x200 cm

Makeba rug 80x200 cm

From 96 €
+2 Colors
Pins SetPins Set

Pins Set

12.90 €
D-C-Fix 346-0661 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0661 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0637 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0637 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0616 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0616 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0576 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0576 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0536 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0536 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0505 0,45x2mD-C-Fix 346-0505 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0411 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 346-0213 0,45x2m
D-C-Fix 334-0012 0,45x1,5mD-C-Fix 334-0012 0,45x1,5m
D-C-Fix 334-8028 0,675x1,5mD-C-Fix 334-8028 0,675x1,5m
D-C-Fix 334-0020 0,45x1,5mD-C-Fix 334-0020 0,45x1,5m
Kukkatarha Pillow Case 50x60 cm
Kukkatarha Bedset Sateen 150x210 cm
Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x250 cm
Makeba Curtain 140x250 cmMakeba Curtain 140x250 cm
Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x2Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x2

Brand new year, brand new Vallila!

Our core has always been in Finnish nature- inspired and colorful pattern design. We are proud of it and that is what makes us unique. You cannot find similar contemporary and bold design from others. 

We have patterns that have followed us since 1960's that was originally designed by talented Howard Smith. In homage to his life and work we carry over repeating his designs, like Makeba. The Makeba-pattern was inspired by legendary singer and human rights activist Miriam Makeba, that Smith honored by naming a pattern after her.

In every collection of ours, we carry over some classic prints that gets brand new color and then we create new patterns by our talented Finnish pattern designers, that work here in our HQ, in Helsinki Finland, Vallila area.

By sharing your pics from Vallila in social media, and tagging them with #myvallila you take part in monthly ruffles where you can win gift voucher worth 100 € !


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