31 results
31 results
5331-1 Kelohonka wallpaper5331-1 Kelohonka wallpaper
Kelohonka Light Curtain 140x250 cm
Makeba Curtain 140x250 cmMakeba Curtain 140x250 cm
Dixie rug 200x300 cmDixie rug 200x300 cm

Dixie rug 200x300 cm

99 € 259.90 €
Dixie rug 160x230 cmDixie rug 160x230 cm

Dixie rug 160x230 cm

69 € 169.90 €
Dixie rug 140x200 cmDixie rug 140x200 cm

Dixie rug 140x200 cm

51.96 € 129.90 €
+2 Colors
Kukkatarha Pillow Case 50x60 cm
Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x250 cm
5360-1 Kelohonka wallpaper5360-1 Kelohonka wallpaper
Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x2Makeba Black Out Curtain 140x2
Makeba full rug 133x190 cmMakeba full rug 133x190 cm

Makeba full rug 133x190 cm

From 146 €
+2 Colors
Makeba full Rug 80x200 cmMakeba full Rug 80x200 cm

Makeba full Rug 80x200 cm

From 96 €
+2 Colors
Makeba full Rug 160x230 cmMakeba full Rug 160x230 cm

Makeba full Rug 160x230 cm

From 186 €
+2 Colors
Kukkatarha Bedset Sateen 150x210 cm
Makeba Fancy Curtain 140x250cmMakeba Fancy Curtain 140x250cm
Makeba Coated Fabric 140 cmMakeba Coated Fabric 140 cm

Makeba Coated Fabric 140 cm

2.39 € / 0.1m

This is a carefully chosen collection of timeless yet contemporary items, which were designed at our Design Studio in the heart of Vallila, Helsinki and manufactured in Finland.  

Finnish nature plays a central role in the design range. It is an important part of our mindset, and the deepest inspiration for Vallila's design philosophy. 

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