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Woven Curtains

Woven Curtains

Beautiful yet simple curtains are perfect for a home refresh! Decorate with beautiful woven curtains in the newest tones and styles.

Vallila’s ready-made curtains, in which the weave of the fabric can be seen and felt. The texture of the fabric is slightly less dense than that of the Vallila’s basic quality, and the weave creates a beautiful surface.

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    Aamu Curtain 140x250 cm

    54.90 €

    Huvila Curtain 138x250 cm

    79.90 €

    Royal Curtain 140x250 cm

    54.90 € 41.18 €

    Westend Curtain 140x250 cm

    69.90 €

    Formula Curtain 140x270 cm

    Starting at 41.18 €

    Found 5 Products

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