Vallila Nilsiänkatu

Passion for interior decoration since 1935

Vallila Interior is a leading Finnish brand of contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories. Since the company was launched in 1935, Vallila has been recognized as a trendsetter in Scandinavian design with its bold and playful collection, inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. Designed by an in-house team, Vallila introduces a new, eye-catching collection twice a year.

The Vallila collection consists of a large variety of soft furnishings such as fabrics, rugs, ready-made curtains, cushion covers, kitchen textiles, bed linen and shower curtains. Their vibrant colors and bold designs also extend to wallpaper collections, mugs and tote bags. Vallila continuously expands its product portfolio.

Vallila Interior's design philosophy stems from the idea that good design should be fun and playful and should never take itself too seriously. The company is always searching for new inspiration, priding itself on its fresh perspectives and continually evolving collections. Designing at Vallila is an ongoing process with an ambition to always offer something new, surprising and exciting – something to fall in love with.

Starting off as a producer of silk fabric when it opened its doors in 1935, Vallila transitioned into designing print fabrics in the mid-sixties. Renowned American design and artist, Howard Smith, created many of the patterns for Vallila in the 70s, laying the foundation for the large, bold prints that remain a signature of Vallila’s design today. Vallila Interior remains a family business and is based in the same silk factory that the founder Otto Berner built 80 years ago.