Acid Formal Parka Jacket

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Vallila colour: S/M
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Limited edition 100 pieces!

Acid Parka jacket is made of thicker 100 % cotton and the surface is water repelliant. Nice and usuful details such as: side pockets, raglan sleeves, zipper closing and push buttons. Available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Size S/M:
- Total length from shoulder 106 cm
- Chest width 66 cm
- Bottom width 69 cm
- Shoulder + sleeve length 78 cm
- Sleeve opening 16,5 cm

Size L/XL:
- Total length from shoulder 108 cm
- Chest width 69 cm
- Bottom width 72 cm
- Shoulder + sleeve length 83 cm
- Sleeve opening 17,5 cm

Fashion designers Rolf Ekroth and Wataru Tominaga have each designed two prints and several different rainproof jackets for the collection. Ekroth’s camouflage prints are based on willowherb and other flowers found on Finnish summer meadows, whereas Tominaga’s prints have been inspired by the vibrancy of the colors of a tropical garden after the rain.

Due to climate change, rainy days are becoming more frequent in both Japan and Finland. In recent years, mid-season jackets have been sorely needed during both winter and summer months as well. The raincoat, remembered by many born before the 1990’s as an inconvenient and cumbersome item of clothing, has undergone a total metamorphosis over the last couple of decades. “Rainwear has become more versatile, and with the new, more comfortable materials, it is now being used more in everyday life as well,” says Rolf Ekroth. “In Japan, individualized rainwear has become really popular, and consumers are looking for new brands. Rainwear is in demand particularly during the rainy season in June,” explainss Wataru Tominaga.


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