Helle Candle 12 cm

18 €
Vallila colour: yellow
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Helle floral print displays the joy and warmth of midsummer. For the designer Saara Kurkela, the print represents a memory of a hot summer day when the wind swayed the hays, and the sea swayed the sea grass. Helle print is a combination of light and strong, paused and forward looking. This abundant floral print brightens up the interior of any summer cottage or home.

Vallila candles are made in collaboration with Finnish home goods manufacturer Muurla. The candles are made of 100% paraffin and are formed concave, which allows the heart of the candle to burn straight down without melting the outer surface which holds the pattern. The 12,0 cm candles burning time is 60 hours and the 8,0 cm is 30 hours. Made in Finland. 


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