Kitties Curtain 140x240 cm

59.90 €
Vallila colour: beige
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This cat-themed pattern originated from Doggies, last season’s favourite design. The Kitties design is full of cats of various sizes and shapes, both long and short-haired, from domestic cats to pedigrees. The design also features designer Tanja Orsjoki’s own black-and-white cat Jami who watches the viewer closely with his large blue eyes. Designer Eveliina Netti’s long-haired cat Merri can also be spotted in the design, as well as the white-and-gray Sipi. A Siamese cat accompanies these furry friends to remind us that cats do come in all shapes and sizes.

Vallila's ready-made curtains are finished by hemming. Curtains also feature rod pockets for curtain rods, places for curtain hooks and a draw-cord for pleating. Ready-made curtains come with an ironing tape that makes hemming easy without the need to stitch. Always check the length of the curtain before shortening it!

Please note that the package contains one curtain.


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