Liike Curtain 140x250 cm

SKU: 103071-3

59.90 €
Vallila colour: grey
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The 2020 Olympics are hosted by Tokyo in Japan. Olympics are a large international multidisciplinary sports competition, with a spirit that connects athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. In line with the greatest sports event of the year, Vallila’s Liike pattern features speed and sporty images. With the energetic Liike pattern, Vallila wants to promote the common good, well-being, community spirit created by sports and the fantastic international Olympic spirit.

Vallila's ready-made curtains are finished by hemming. Curtains also feature rod pockets for curtain rods, places for curtain hooks and a draw-cord for pleating. Ready-made curtains come with an ironing tape that makes hemming easy without the need to stitch. Always check the length of the curtain before shortening it!

Please note that the package contains one curtain.


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